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For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

Holds the composite type.

  "name": string,
  "id": unsigned long,
  "insertTime": string,
  "description": string,
  "selfLink": string,
  "operation": operations Resource,
  "status": string,
  "labels": [
      "key": string,
      "value": string
  "templateContents": {
    "template": string,
    "schema": string,
    "imports": [
        "name": string,
        "content": string
    "interpreter": string,
    "mainTemplate": string
Property name Value Description Notes
description string An optional textual description of the resource; provided by the client when the resource is created.
id unsigned long
insertTime string Output only. Creation timestamp in RFC3339 text format.
labels[] list Map of labels; provided by the client when the resource is created or updated. Specifically: Label keys must be between 1 and 63 characters long and must conform to the following regular expression: `[a-z]([-a-z0-9]*[a-z0-9])?` Label values must be between 0 and 63 characters long and must conform to the regular expression `([a-z]([-a-z0-9]*[a-z0-9])?)?`.

labels[].key string
labels[].value string
name string Name of the composite type, must follow the expression: `[a-z]([-a-z0-9_.]{0,61}[a-z0-9])?`.
operation nested object Output only. The Operation that most recently ran, or is currently running, on this composite type.
status string
templateContents nested object Files for the template type.
templateContents.imports[] list Import files referenced by the main template.
templateContents.imports[].content string The contents of the file.
templateContents.imports[].name string The name of the file.
templateContents.interpreter string Which interpreter (python or jinja) should be used during expansion.
templateContents.mainTemplate string The filename of the mainTemplate
templateContents.schema string The contents of the template schema.
templateContents.template string The contents of the main template file.


Deletes a composite type.
Gets information about a specific composite type.
Creates a composite type.
Lists all composite types for Deployment Manager.
Patches a composite type.
Updates a composite type.