Troubleshoot a stream

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If a problem occurs while a stream is transferring data from a source database into a destination, then you can rectify the problem.

  1. Go to the Streams page in the Google Cloud Console.

    Go to the Streams page

  2. Click the Column display options icon in the upper-right corner of the page. The icon appears as three vertical columns.

  3. If it isn't selected, select the Status check box, and then click OK. Datastream displays a Failed status for any faulty streams.

  4. Click a stream that has this status (so that you can troubleshoot it). Any errors associated with the stream appear on the Stream details page.

    For example, if Datastream can't connect to the source database, then the We can't use the credentials that you provided to connect to the data source. error message appears on this page.

  5. Address the errors. You can resolve errors for either the stream or the connection profile.

    For example, if errors are associated with either the source data objects of the stream or its destination configuration information, then modify the stream.

    If errors are associated with the connectivity information of the stream, then update the configuration information about the source database or the destination for any connection profiles being used by the stream.

  6. If it's necessary, then start the stream again.