Dialogflow runtime integration

You can opt in to the Dialogflow runtime integration feature to integrate data from other Dialogflow-powered Contact Center AI services into CCAI Insights. These services also include Agent Assist and Virtual Agents.

Dialogflow runtime integration use cases

We recommend that you enable this feature if you use Agent Assist or Virtual Agent to create conversations and you want to use CCAI Insights features on these conversations. For example, Dialogflow runtime integration is useful if you want to:

  • View your conversations and their metadata from a user interface.
  • Run more machine learning analytics on your conversations.
  • Export your conversations to BigQuery for custom analysis or visualization in Looker.

How Dialogflow runtime integration works

One-time sync for every new conversation

Once you enable Dialogflow runtime integration, CCAI Insights will create a representation of this conversation and its associated metadata each time you complete a conversation in Agent Assist or Virtual Agent. If the source conversation has a transcript, Insights will generate additional metadata for it if you specified a percentage of conversations to be analyzed in your project settings. The default analysis percentage is 0.

If you modify the source data from Agent Assist or a Virtual Agent, the CCAI Insights representation of the data will not be affected. The opposite is also true.

Synced data can be queried and exported from CCAI Insights

Conversations exported to CCAI Insights will be queryable from CCAI Insights along with their associated metadata. You can also export conversation data to BigQuery to perform your own raw queries.

Known issues

Conversation medium mismatch between Dialogflow and Insights

We've received reports that phone conversations created in Dialogflow can sometimes be displayed as "chat" instead of "phone call" in the Insights console. Our team is working on this issue.

What's next

To enable Dialogflow runtime integration, see the Dialogflow runtime integration quickstart.