UrlMaps: validate

Requires authorization

Runs static validation for the UrlMap. In particular, the tests of the provided UrlMap will be run. Calling this method does NOT create the UrlMap.


HTTP request

POST https://www.googleapis.com/compute/v1/projects/project/global/urlMaps/urlMap/validate


Parameter name Value Description
Path parameters
project string Project ID for this request.
urlMap string Name of the Url Map resource to be validated as.


This request requires authorization with at least one of the following scopes (read more about authentication and authorization).


Request body

In the request body, supply data with the following structure:

  "resource": urlMaps Resource
Property name Value Description Notes
resource nested object Content of the UrlMap to be validated.


If successful, this method returns a response body with the following structure:

  "result": {
    "loadSucceeded": boolean,
    "loadErrors": [
    "testPassed": boolean,
    "testFailures": [
        "host": string,
        "path": string,
        "expectedService": string,
        "actualService": string
Property name Value Description Notes
result nested object [Output Only] The result of the validation request.
result.loadSucceeded boolean [Output Only] Whether the given UrlMap can be successfully loaded. If false, 'loadErrors' indicates the reasons.
result.loadErrors[] list [Output Only] Any load errors that occurred during validation.
result.testPassed boolean [Output Only] If successfully loaded, this field indicates whether the test passed. If false, 'testFailures's indicate the reason of failure.
result.testFailures[] list [Output Only]  Any test failures that appeared.
result.testFailures[].host string [Output Only] The test failure host.
result.testFailures[].path string [Output Only]  The path to the test failure.
result.testFailures[].expectedService string [Output Only] The expected service.
result.testFailures[].actualService string [Output Only] The actual service. 

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