Quotas and limits

This document contains current API restrictions, quotas, and limits on use of Cloud Billing APIs. We reserve the right to change these limits, and this page will be updated to reflect any changes.

Quotas for Cloud Billing Budget API

  • Total Budgets: Each individual Cloud Billing account can have up to 50,000 budgets associated with it at a time.

    Learn how to check your budget quota.

  • Calls to the Cloud Billing Budget API methods are subject to the following quotas:

    • Read-only calls (getBudget, listBudgets): 800 calls per minute
    • Write Calls (createBudget, updateBudget, deleteBudget): 100 API calls per minute.

Quotas for Cloud Billing API

  • Each project can make 300 API calls per minute to the Cloud Billing API

  • At the organization level, the quota depends on your standing with Google Cloud. By default, organizations can make 975 API calls per minute.