MultiRowRangeFilter.RowRange (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java API)


Class MultiRowRangeFilter.RowRange

    • Constructor Detail

      • RowRange

        public RowRange()
      • RowRange

        public RowRange(String startRow,
                        boolean startRowInclusive,
                        String stopRow,
                        boolean stopRowInclusive)
        If the startRow is empty or null, set it to HConstants.EMPTY_BYTE_ARRAY, means begin at the start row of the table. If the stopRow is empty or null, set it to HConstants.EMPTY_BYTE_ARRAY, means end of the last row of table.
      • RowRange

        public RowRange(byte[] startRow,
                        boolean startRowInclusive,
                        byte[] stopRow,
                        boolean stopRowInclusive)
    • Method Detail

      • getStartRow

        public byte[] getStartRow()
      • getStopRow

        public byte[] getStopRow()
      • isStartRowInclusive

        public boolean isStartRowInclusive()
        if start row is inclusive.
      • isStopRowInclusive

        public boolean isStopRowInclusive()
        if stop row is inclusive.
      • contains

        public boolean contains(byte[] row)
      • contains

        public boolean contains(byte[] buffer,
                                int offset,
                                int length)
      • isValid

        public boolean isValid()

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