RowFilter (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java API)

Class RowFilter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    RowFilterOrBuilder, Message, MessageLite, MessageLiteOrBuilder, MessageOrBuilder, Serializable

    public final class RowFilter
    extends GeneratedMessageV3
    implements RowFilterOrBuilder
     Takes a row as input and produces an alternate view of the row based on
     specified rules. For example, a RowFilter might trim down a row to include
     just the cells from columns matching a given regular expression, or might
     return all the cells of a row but not their values. More complicated filters
     can be composed out of these components to express requests such as, "within
     every column of a particular family, give just the two most recent cells
     which are older than timestamp X."
     There are two broad categories of RowFilters (true filters and transformers),
     as well as two ways to compose simple filters into more complex ones
     (chains and interleaves). They work as follows:
     * True filters alter the input row by excluding some of its cells wholesale
     from the output row. An example of a true filter is the `value_regex_filter`,
     which excludes cells whose values don't match the specified pattern. All
     regex true filters use RE2 syntax (
     in raw byte mode (RE2::Latin1), and are evaluated as full matches. An
     important point to keep in mind is that `RE2(.)` is equivalent by default to
     `RE2([^\n])`, meaning that it does not match newlines. When attempting to
     match an arbitrary byte, you should therefore use the escape sequence `\C`,
     which may need to be further escaped as `\\C` in your client language.
     * Transformers alter the input row by changing the values of some of its
     cells in the output, without excluding them completely. Currently, the only
     supported transformer is the `strip_value_transformer`, which replaces every
     cell's value with the empty string.
     * Chains and interleaves are described in more detail in the
     RowFilter.Chain and RowFilter.Interleave documentation.
     The total serialized size of a RowFilter message must not
     exceed 4096 bytes, and RowFilters may not be nested within each other
     (in Chains or Interleaves) to a depth of more than 20.
    Protobuf type google.bigtable.v2.RowFilter
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