Introduction to service requests

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Service requests are a type of support requested by Apigee users for assistance required from Apigee Support on non-incident related tasks. In Apigee, the non-incident related tasks include creating or deleting organizations and environments, managing the capacity of the infrastructure, managing portal users, configuring resources, etc.

In Apigee, many of these non-incident related tasks are self-serviceable. Apigee users should be able to perform many of the tasks if they have the appropriate permissions. However, assistance may be required from Google Cloud support to perform certain tasks, which are not yet self-serviceable.

In Apigee hybrid, all tasks are self-serviceable, except for the initial entitlement request.

This document describes which service request tasks are self-serviceable in Apigee and hybrid, and how you can perform them, and which service request tasks require you to create a new support case with Google Cloud support.

Service requests are classified into the following categories based on the type of request: