No free IP address space troubleshooting

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During Apigee provisioning, if you select a network CIDR range that is not completely free, you may see an error message.

Error message

error waiting for creating
instance: error code 9: message: couldn't find a free ip space of /22 to
launch an instance. verify the peering ranges are available.

Possible cause

The IP address range specified during provisioning is not available. Each Apigee instance requires a non-overlapping CIDR range of /22 as described in Network sizing.


  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the VPC Network Peering page. See also Using VPC Network Peering.

    Go to VPC Network Peering

  2. Select your VPC network peering connection. For example, servicenetworking-googleapis-com. The Peering connection details page opens:

  3. Locate the CIDR range you specified during the provisioning process and verify that it does not overlap with any of the IP addresses listed on the Peering connection details page.


During the provisioning process, for the IP range allocation, select one of:

  • Automatic (recommended)
  • Custom, and then specify a non-overlapping range:

Must gather diagnostic information

If the problem persists even after following the above instructions, gather the following diagnostic information and then contact Apigee Support:

  • Apigee organization