What are connectors?

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With the release of connectors for Apigee Integration you can connect to business applications, technologies, and other data sources using the native protocols of each target application. With connectors, both Google Cloud services and third-party business applications are exposed to Apigee Integration through a transparent, standard interface. Apigee Integration users can quickly connect to a growing pool of applications and systems of record without the need for protocol-specific knowledge or the use of custom code.

Key Benefits

With connectors, Apigee Integration developers can quickly and easily implement key configurations for each connected service or application:

  • Authentication: Each Connector offers one or more supported authentication methods that can be configured for the target application.
  • Endpoint Configuration: Each Connector is custom configured to connect to one instance of an application or technology via URL, tenant ID, or other identification mechanism specific to the connector type.
  • Protocol Mediation: Each Connector translates the native communication protocol of the target application, such as Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), into a standard communication protocol, like REST.
  • Data format mediation: Each Connector translates the native data format of the target application to a standardized data format. The Connector then loads the schema for targeted data into Apigee Integration, making the data available for use by integration tasks.
  • Data discovery: Each Connector inspects the target application and provides a list of data objects and operations available for use in an integration.

Simplified integration development

With the new Connector UI, Apigee Integration users can:

  • Create and configure a connection once and use the connection in any future integrations.
  • Discover a wide array of available target application interfaces through a common UI experience.
  • Interact with data from multiple disparate sources and formats in a standardized and streamlined manner.

Available in Apigee Integration

connectors are now available for use with Apigee Integration. Users with Apigee and Google Cloud credentials can access the connectors UI from the Cloud console to create connections and utilize those connections with the Apigee Integration Connectors task.

What's Next