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코드 샘플


public static object CreateCompany(string projectId, string tenantId, string displayName, string externalId)
    CompanyServiceClient companyServiceClient = CompanyServiceClient.Create();
    TenantName tenantName = TenantName.FromProjectTenant(projectId, tenantId);

    Company company = new Company
        DisplayName = displayName,
        ExternalId = externalId

    CreateCompanyRequest request = new CreateCompanyRequest
        ParentAsTenantName = tenantName,
        Company = company

    Company response = companyServiceClient.CreateCompany(request);

    Console.WriteLine("Created Company");
    Console.WriteLine($"Name: {response.Name}");
    Console.WriteLine($"Display Name: {response.DisplayName}");
    Console.WriteLine($"External ID: {response.ExternalId}");
    return 0;


import com.google.cloud.talent.v4beta1.Company;
import com.google.cloud.talent.v4beta1.CompanyServiceClient;
import com.google.cloud.talent.v4beta1.CreateCompanyRequest;
import com.google.cloud.talent.v4beta1.TenantName;
import java.io.IOException;

public class JobSearchCreateCompany {

  public static void createCompany() throws IOException {
    // TODO(developer): Replace these variables before running the sample.
    String projectId = "your-project-id";
    String tenantId = "your-tenant-id";
    String displayName = "your-company-display-name";
    String externalId = "your-external-id";
    createCompany(projectId, tenantId, displayName, externalId);

  // Create a company.
  public static void createCompany(
      String projectId, String tenantId, String displayName, String externalId) throws IOException {
    // Initialize client that will be used to send requests. This client only needs to be created
    // once, and can be reused for multiple requests. After completing all of your requests, call
    // the "close" method on the client to safely clean up any remaining background resources.
    try (CompanyServiceClient companyServiceClient = CompanyServiceClient.create()) {
      TenantName parent = TenantName.of(projectId, tenantId);
      Company company =

      CreateCompanyRequest request =

      Company response = companyServiceClient.createCompany(request);
      System.out.println("Created Company");
      System.out.format("Name: %s%n", response.getName());
      System.out.format("Display Name: %s%n", response.getDisplayName());
      System.out.format("External ID: %s%n", response.getExternalId());