GET Service

Lists all of the buckets in a specified project.

The GET Service method is a simple GET request without a bucket or object scope. The request returns the list of buckets in an XML document in the response body. The request must be authenticated (anonymous requests will fail). By default, only the project owners group can list buckets because they are the owner of all buckets within the project. The project team and project editors groups have only view or write access to buckets, respectively.

If the GET Service request fails, it returns a 403 Forbidden status code. The body of the error response will also contain a message describing the reason why the request failed.

Query string parameters

This request does not include query string parameters.

Request headers

Header Description Required
Authorization The authentication string for the request. Yes

The length of the request body without headers (in bytes).

* Not required for requests that use chunked transfer encoding.

Date The date and time of the request. Yes
Host The URI for Cloud Storage. For more information, see Request Endpoints. Yes
x-goog-project-id The project ID of a project. Yes

Request body elements

This request does not include an XML document in the request body.

Request syntax

GET / HTTP/1.1
Date: <date>
Authorization: <authentication string>
Content-Length: <request body length>
x-goog-project-id: <project id>

Response headers

The request can return a variety of response headers depending on the request headers you use.

Response body elements

Element Description
ListAllMyBucketsResult Container for bucket information.
Owner Container for bucket owner information.
ID Cloud Storage ID of the bucket owner.
DisplayName Not currently implemented. The value is always an empty string.
Buckets Container for information about the owner's buckets.
Bucket Container for information about a specific bucket.
Name Name of the bucket.
CreationDate Creation date for the bucket.


The following sample lists the buckets in the specified project.


GET / HTTP/1.1
Date: Mon, 15 Feb  2010 11:00:00 GMT
Content-Length: 0
x-goog-project-id: 123456789123
Authorization: Bearer ya29.AHES6ZRVmB7fkLtd1XTmq6mo0S1wqZZi3-Lh_s-6Uw7p8vtgSwg


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Length: 648
Content-Type: application/xml
Date: Mon, 15 Feb  2010 11:00:01 GMT

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<ListAllMyBucketsResult xmlns=''>


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