What is Storage Transfer Service?

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Storage Transfer Service is a product that enables you to:

  • Move or backup data to a Cloud Storage bucket either from other cloud storage providers or from a local or cloud POSIX file system.

  • Move data from one Cloud Storage bucket to another, so that it is available to different groups of users or applications.

  • Move data from Cloud Storage to a local or cloud file system.

  • Move data between file systems.

  • Periodically move data as part of a data processing pipeline or analytical workflow.

Storage Transfer Service provides options that make data transfers and synchronization easier. For example, you can:

  • Schedule one-time transfer operations or recurring transfer operations.

  • Delete existing objects in the destination bucket if they don't have a corresponding object in the source.

  • Delete data source objects after transferring them.

  • Schedule periodic synchronization from a data source to a data sink with advanced filters based on file creation dates, filenames, and the times of day you prefer to import data.

Storage Transfer Service does the following by default:

  • Storage Transfer Service copies a file from the data source if the file doesn't exist in the data sink or if it differs between the version in the source and the sink.

  • Retains files in the source after the transfer operation.

  • Uses TLS encryption for HTTPs connections. The only exception is if you specify an HTTP URL for a URL list transfer.

The following is an example of a data transfer using Storage Transfer Service:

A workflow showing data being moved from Cloud Storage to a Storage Transfer Service
instance using Storage Transfer Service. The Storage Transfer Service instance is mounted
to multiple Compute Engine instances.

Available interfaces

There are a number of ways that you can work with Storage Transfer Service:

  • The Google Cloud console
  • The gcloud command-line tool
  • Java and Python client libraries

See Create transfers for details.

Service Level Agreement

Storage Transfer Service currently does not provide an SLA, and some performance fluctuations may occur. For example, we do not provide SLAs for transfer performance or latency.