Data logging

Google works continuously to improve its products, including the use of customer data from Google consumer data to refine those products. For example, when you click a link in Google Search, Google considers your click when ranking that search result.

To help Cloud Speech-to-Text to better suit your needs, you can opt into the data logging program. The data logging program allows Google to improve the quality of Cloud Speech-to-Text through using customer data to refine its speech recognition service. As a benefit for opting in, you gain access to discounted pricing.

Data privacy and security

When you opt into the program, Google does not log all of your data: Google only uses the data sent to Cloud Speech-to-Text on the project with data logging enabled. You can continue to use other Google Cloud projects without data logging enabled. Google only uses the data that you send to those projects as needed to provide the service.

You continue to maintain full ownership of all data that you upload to a project with data logging enabled. However, Google retains ownership of the actual models trained from that data. For more details about the terms and conditions for data logging, see the terms for opt-in for data logging.

Only a limited set of authorized Google employees have access to your data collected by data logging. Google uses this data solely to train and improve Google products and services. Google does not use your data or any personally identifiable information contained in your collected data to target products, services, or advertising towards you, your users, or your customers.

For more information about Google's security policies, see the Google Cloud security whitepaper.

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