Debugging with Stackdriver Debugger

You can use Stackdriver Debugger to inspect the state of a running application, in real time, without stopping or slowing it down.

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Stackdriver Debugger can automatically detect code from multiple languages and GCP platforms. How you set up debugger varies depending on what programming language your application uses. To learn how to set up Debugger, see these how-to guides.

After you set up Stackdriver Debugger for your application, your next step is to select your source code. Depending on your application, you can either have Stackdriver Debugger select your source code automatically or you can select your source code manually.

In cases where Stackdriver Debugger does not detect your code automatically, you can select it manually:

  1. Navigate to the Debug page in the Google Cloud Platform Console.

  2. From the source location drop-down menu, click Add source code...

  3. In the Alternative source code pane, find the Google Cloud Source Repository section and click Select source.
  4. Select the project, repository, and the branch or tagged version.
  5. Click Select source.

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