Getting support

Get a Google support package

Google Cloud offers different support packages to meet different needs, such as 24/7 coverage, phone support, and access to a technical support manager. For more information, see Google Cloud Support.

Security Command Center detects and reports vulnerabilities through a web-based interface and API. The findings in Security Command Center are only a first step in identifying and remediating vulnerabilities and threats. Every organization has unique risks. It's up to you to understand and evaluate the attack surface of your organization, properly configure Security Command Center to protect your resources, and determine whether fixes should be applied to vulnerabilities and threats detected by Security Command Center.

Security Command Center's user interface provides suggestions for remediating common vulnerabilities. Security Command Center product documentation also provides guidance on remediating common findings for Security Health Analytics and Web Security Scanner.

Discuss Security Command Center

You can visit the Google Cloud Slack community to discuss Security Command Center and other Google Cloud products. If you haven't already joined, use this form to sign up.

File feature requests and bug reports

If you want to request a new feature for Security Command Center, or if you encounter a reproducible bug, you can report it through the issue tracker. You can review the open issues to see if your bug or request has already been reported, and star an existing thread to subscribe to updates. If there are no existing threads, you can request a new feature or report a new bug.

Event Threat Detection

Visit the Google Cloud Slack community to discuss Event Threat Detection and other Google Cloud products. If you haven't already joined, use this form to sign up.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection identifies security anomalies for your projects and Virtual Machine (VM) instances, including compromised credentials and abuse of resources. We are unable to provide full details on the methods or logic used to detect resource abuses because they are proprietary.

Web Security Scanner

To file bugs or a feature request, use the Google Issue Tracker for the Web Security Scanner component.

We value your feedback about Web Security Scanner. Example feedback topics are:

  • Noise: Finding false positives? Let us know. We have a goal for zero false positives.
  • Coverage: Is our crawling system having problems navigating your site?
  • Effectiveness: Did we miss a bug you think we should have caught?
  • Authentication: Are you having problems with our custom login support?
  • Usability: We want an easy to use scanner, how can we make it more intuitive?
  • General: Do you love it? Do you hate it? Was it worth your time to set up and use?

To send feedback about a specific scan:

  1. Sign in to the test account that you used to create the scan.
  2. Go to the Web Security Scanner page in the Google Cloud console.
    Go to the Web Security Scanner page
  3. Click Select, and then select the project that contains the scan that you want to edit.
  4. Under Scan configs, click the name of the scan that you want to edit.
  5. On the scan details page that appears, click Send feedback.
  6. Click Send feedback and enter the feedback you want to share.
  7. When you're finished entering feedback, click Send.