Cloud Tasks V2 API - Module Google::Cloud::Tasks::V2::Task::View (v0.10.2)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Cloud Tasks V2 API module Google::Cloud::Tasks::V2::Task::View.

The view specifies a subset of Task data.

When a task is returned in a response, not all information is retrieved by default because some data, such as payloads, might be desirable to return only when needed because of its large size or because of the sensitivity of data that it contains.



value: 0
Unspecified. Defaults to BASIC.


value: 1
The basic view omits fields which can be large or can contain sensitive data.

This view does not include the [body in AppEngineHttpRequest][]. Bodies are desirable to return only when needed, because they can be large and because of the sensitivity of the data that you choose to store in it.


value: 2
All information is returned.

Authorization for FULL requires cloudtasks.tasks.fullView Google IAM permission on the Queue resource.