Dataproc Metastore V1beta API - Module Google::Cloud::Metastore::V1beta::DataprocMetastoreFederation (v0.13.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Dataproc Metastore V1beta API module Google::Cloud::Metastore::V1beta::DataprocMetastoreFederation.

Configures and manages metastore federation services. Dataproc Metastore Federation Service allows federating a collection of backend metastores like BigQuery, Dataplex Lakes, and other Dataproc Metastores. The Federation Service exposes a gRPC URL through which metadata from the backend metastores are served at query time.

The Dataproc Metastore Federation API defines the following resource model:

  • The service works with a collection of Google Cloud projects.
  • Each project has a collection of available locations.
  • Each location has a collection of federations.
  • Dataproc Metastore Federations are resources with names of the form: projects/{project_number}/locations/{location_id}/federations/{federation_id}.

To load this service and instantiate a REST client:

require "google/cloud/metastore/v1beta/dataproc_metastore_federation/rest"
client =