Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) V2 API - Module Google::Api::LaunchStage (v0.15.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) V2 API module Google::Api::LaunchStage.

The launch stage as defined by Google Cloud Platform Launch Stages.



value: 0
Do not use this default value.


value: 6
The feature is not yet implemented. Users can not use it.


value: 7
Prelaunch features are hidden from users and are only visible internally.


value: 1
Early Access features are limited to a closed group of testers. To use these features, you must sign up in advance and sign a Trusted Tester agreement (which includes confidentiality provisions). These features may be unstable, changed in backward-incompatible ways, and are not guaranteed to be released.


value: 2
Alpha is a limited availability test for releases before they are cleared for widespread use. By Alpha, all significant design issues are resolved and we are in the process of verifying functionality. Alpha customers need to apply for access, agree to applicable terms, and have their projects allowlisted. Alpha releases don't have to be feature complete, no SLAs are provided, and there are no technical support ob