Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) V2 API - Class Google::Cloud::Dlp::V2::Action::PublishFindingsToCloudDataCatalog (v0.15.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) V2 API class Google::Cloud::Dlp::V2::Action::PublishFindingsToCloudDataCatalog.

Publish findings of a DlpJob to Data Catalog. In Data Catalog, tag templates are applied to the resource that Cloud DLP scanned. Data Catalog tag templates are stored in the same project and region where the BigQuery table exists. For Cloud DLP to create and apply the tag template, the Cloud DLP service agent must have the roles/datacatalog.tagTemplateOwner permission on the project. The tag template contains fields summarizing the results of the DlpJob. Any field values previously written by another DlpJob are deleted. [InfoType naming patterns][google.privacy.dlp.v2.InfoType] are strictly enforced when using this feature.

Findings are persisted in Data Catalog storage and are governed by service-specific policies for Data Catalog. For more information, see Service Specific Terms.

Only a single instance of this action can be specified. This action is allowed only if all resources being scanned are BigQuery tables. Compatible with: Inspect


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