Class ListJobsRequest (0.8.10)

ListJobsRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request to list Cloud Dataflow jobs.


The kind of filter to use.
project_id str
The project which owns the jobs.
Deprecated. ListJobs always returns summaries now. Use GetJob for other JobViews.
page_size int
If there are many jobs, limit response to at most this many. The actual number of jobs returned will be the lesser of max_responses and an unspecified server-defined limit.
page_token str
Set this to the 'next_page_token' field of a previous response to request additional results in a long list.
location str
The [regional endpoint] ( that contains this job.




This field filters out and returns jobs in the specified job state. The order of data returned is determined by the filter used, and is subject to change.

Values: UNKNOWN (0): The filter isn't specified, or is unknown. This returns all jobs ordered on descending JobUuid. ALL (1): Returns all running jobs first ordered on creation timestamp, then returns all terminated jobs ordered on the termination timestamp. TERMINATED (2): Filters the jobs that have a terminated state, ordered on the termination timestamp. Example terminated states: JOB_STATE_STOPPED, JOB_STATE_UPDATED, JOB_STATE_DRAINED, etc. ACTIVE (3): Filters the jobs that are running ordered on the creation timestamp.