Class Environment (0.8.9)

Environment(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Describes the environment in which a Dataflow Job runs.


temp_storage_prefix str
The prefix of the resources the system should use for temporary storage. The system will append the suffix "/temp-{JOBNAME} to this resource prefix, where {JOBNAME} is the value of the job_name field. The resulting bucket and object prefix is used as the prefix of the resources used to store temporary data needed during the job execution. NOTE: This will override the value in taskrunner_settings. The supported resource type is: Google Cloud Storage:{bucket}/{object}{object}
cluster_manager_api_service str
The type of cluster manager API to use. If unknown or unspecified, the service will attempt to choose a reasonable default. This should be in the form of the API service name, e.g. "".
experiments MutableSequence[str]
The list of experiments to enable. This field should be used for SDK related experiments and not for service related experiments. The proper field for service related experiments is service_options.
service_options MutableSequence[str]
The list of service options to enable. This field should be used for service related experiments only. These experiments, when graduating to GA, should be replaced by dedicated fields or become default (i.e. always on).
service_kms_key_name str
If set, contains the Cloud KMS key identifier used to encrypt data at rest, AKA a Customer Managed Encryption Key (CMEK). Format: projects/PROJECT_ID/locations/LOCATION/keyRings/KEY_RING/cryptoKeys/KEY
worker_pools MutableSequence[]
The worker pools. At least one "harness" worker pool must be specified in order for the job to have workers.
user_agent google.protobuf.struct_pb2.Struct
A description of the process that generated the request.
version google.protobuf.struct_pb2.Struct
A structure describing which components and their versions of the service are required in order to run the job.
dataset str
The dataset for the current project where various workflow related tables are stored. The supported resource type is: Google BigQuery:{dataset}
sdk_pipeline_options google.protobuf.struct_pb2.Struct
The Cloud Dataflow SDK pipeline options specified by the user. These options are passed through the service and are used to recreate the SDK pipeline options on the worker in a language agnostic and platform independent way.
internal_experiments google.protobuf.any_pb2.Any
Experimental settings.
service_account_email str
Identity to run virtual machines as. Defaults to the default account.
Which Flexible Resource Scheduling mode to run in.
worker_region str
The Compute Engine region ( in which worker processing should occur, e.g. "us-west1". Mutually exclusive with worker_zone. If neither worker_region nor worker_zone is specified, default to the control plane's region.
worker_zone str
The Compute Engine zone ( in which worker processing should occur, e.g. "us-west1-a". Mutually exclusive with worker_region. If neither worker_region nor worker_zone is specified, a zone in the control plane's region is chosen based on available capacity.
Output only. The shuffle mode used for the job.
Any debugging options to be supplied to the job.