Class AutoscalingEventType (0.8.5)


Indicates the type of autoscaling event.

Values: TYPE_UNKNOWN (0): Default type for the enum. Value should never be returned. TARGET_NUM_WORKERS_CHANGED (1): The TARGET_NUM_WORKERS_CHANGED type should be used when the target worker pool size has changed at the start of an actuation. An event should always be specified as TARGET_NUM_WORKERS_CHANGED if it reflects a change in the target_num_workers. CURRENT_NUM_WORKERS_CHANGED (2): The CURRENT_NUM_WORKERS_CHANGED type should be used when actual worker pool size has been changed, but the target_num_workers has not changed. ACTUATION_FAILURE (3): The ACTUATION_FAILURE type should be used when we want to report an error to the user indicating why the current number of workers in the pool could not be changed. Displayed in the current status and history widgets. NO_CHANGE (4): Used when we want to report to the user a reason why we are not currently adjusting the number of workers. Should specify both target_num_workers, current_num_workers and a decision_message.