Class SearchCatalogRequest (0.7.0)

Request message for SearchCatalog.

Required. The query string in search query syntax. The query must be non-empty. Query strings can be simple as “x” or more qualified as: - name:x - column:x - description:y Note: Query tokens need to have a minimum of 3 characters for substring matching to work correctly. See Data Catalog Search Syntax </data-catalog/docs/how-to/search-reference>__ for more information.

Optional. Pagination token returned in an earlier [SearchCatal ogResponse.next_page_token][ earchCatalogResponse.next_page_token], which indicates that this is a continuation of a prior [SearchCatalogRequest][googl] call, and that the system should return the next page of data. If empty, the first page is returned.



List of project IDs to search within. To learn more about the distinction between project names/IDs/numbers, go to