Class MachineSpec (0.4.0)

MachineSpec(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Specification of a single machine.


machine_type str
Immutable. The type of the machine. Following machine types are supported: - ``n1-standard-2`` - ``n1-standard-4`` - ``n1-standard-8`` - ``n1-standard-16`` - ``n1-standard-32`` - ``n1-highmem-2`` - ``n1-highmem-4`` - ``n1-highmem-8`` - ``n1-highmem-16`` - ``n1-highmem-32`` - ``n1-highcpu-2`` - ``n1-highcpu-4`` - ``n1-highcpu-8`` - ``n1-highcpu-16`` - ``n1-highcpu-32`` When used for [DeployedMode][] this field is optional and the default value is ``n1-standard-2``. If used for ``BatchPredictionJob`` or as part of ``WorkerPoolSpec`` this field is required.
accelerator_type `.gca_accelerator_type.AcceleratorType`
Immutable. The type of accelerator(s) that may be attached to the machine as per ``accelerator_count``.
accelerator_count int
The number of accelerators to attach to the machine.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > MachineSpec