Class CustomJobSpec (0.4.0)

CustomJobSpec(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Represents the spec of a CustomJob.


worker_pool_specs Sequence[`.custom_job.WorkerPoolSpec`]
Required. The spec of the worker pools including machine type and Docker image.
scheduling `.custom_job.Scheduling`
Scheduling options for a CustomJob.
service_account str
Specifies the service account for workload run-as account. Users submitting jobs must have act-as permission on this run-as account.
network str
The full name of the Compute Engine `network `__ to which the Job should be peered. For example, projects/12345/global/networks/myVPC. [Format]( is of the form projects/{project}/global/networks/{network}. Where {project} is a project number, as in '12345', and {network} is network name. Private services access must already be configured for the network. If left unspecified, the job is not peered with any network.
base_output_directory `.io.GcsDestination`
The Google Cloud Storage location to store the output of this CustomJob or HyperparameterTuningJob. For HyperparameterTuningJob, ``base_output_directory`` of each child CustomJob backing a Trial is set to a subdirectory of name ``id`` under parent HyperparameterTuningJob's ``base_output_directory``. Following AI Platform environment variables will be passed to containers or python modules when this field is set: For CustomJob: - AIP_MODEL_DIR = ``


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > CustomJobSpec