Network Services API: Node.js Client

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Network Services API client for Node.js

A comprehensive list of changes in each version may be found in the CHANGELOG.

Read more about the client libraries for Cloud APIs, including the older Google APIs Client Libraries, in Client Libraries Explained.

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Before you begin

  1. Select or create a Cloud Platform project.
  2. Enable billing for your project.
  3. Enable the Network Services API API.
  4. Set up authentication with a service account so you can access the API from your local workstation.

Installing the client library

npm install @google-cloud/networkservices

Using the client library

 * This snippet has been automatically generated and should be regarded as a code template only.
 * It will require modifications to work.
 * It may require correct/in-range values for request initialization.
 * TODO(developer): Uncomment these variables before running the sample.
 *  Required. The project and location from which the EndpointPolicies should be
 *  listed, specified in the format `projects/* /locations/global`.
// const parent = 'abc123'
 *  Maximum number of EndpointPolicies to return per call.
// const pageSize = 1234
 *  The value returned by the last `ListEndpointPoliciesResponse`
 *  Indicates that this is a continuation of a prior
 *  `ListEndpointPolicies` call, and that the system should return the
 *  next page of data.
// const pageToken = 'abc123'

// Imports the Networkservices library
const {NetworkServicesClient} =

// Instantiates a client
const networkservicesClient = new NetworkServicesClient();

async function callListEndpointPolicies() {
  // Construct request
  const request = {

  // Run request
  const iterable =
    await networkservicesClient.listEndpointPoliciesAsync(request);
  for await (const response of iterable) {



Samples are in the samples/ directory. Each sample's has instructions for running its sample.

SampleSource CodeTry it
Network_services.create_endpoint_policysource codeOpen in Cloud Shell
Network_services.create_gatewaysource codeOpen in Cloud Shell
Network_services.create_grpc_routesource codeOpen in Cloud Shell
Network_services.create_http_routesource codeOpen in Cloud Shell
Network_services.create_meshsource codeOpen in Cloud Shell
Network_services.create_service_bindingsource codeOpen in Cloud Shell
Network_services.create_tcp_routesource codeOpen in Cloud Shell
Network_services.create_tls_routesource codeOpen in Cloud Shell
Network_services.delete_endpoint_policysource codeOpen in Cloud Shell
Network_services.delete_gatewaysource codeOpen in Cloud Shell
Network_services.delete_grpc_routesource codeOpen in Cloud Shell
Network_services.delete_http_routesource code