Package @google-cloud/iam-credentials

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Represents a CustomHttpPattern.

Represents a Http.

Represents a HttpRule.

Represents a ResourceDescriptor.

Represents a ResourceReference.

Represents a GenerateAccessTokenRequest.

Represents a GenerateAccessTokenResponse.

Represents a GenerateIdTokenRequest.

Represents a GenerateIdTokenResponse.

Represents a IAMCredentials

Represents a SignBlobRequest.

Represents a SignBlobResponse.

Represents a SignJwtRequest.

Represents a SignJwtResponse.

Represents a DescriptorProto.

Represents an ExtensionRange.

Represents a ReservedRange.

Represents a Duration.

Represents an EnumDescriptorProto.

Represents an EnumReservedRange.

Represents an EnumOptions.

Represents an EnumValueDescriptorProto.

Represents an EnumValueOptions.

Represents an ExtensionRangeOptions.

Represents a FieldDescriptorProto.

Represents a FieldOptions.

Represents a FileDescriptorProto.

Represents a FileDescriptorSet.

Represents a FileOptions.

Represents a GeneratedCodeInfo.

Represents an Annotation.

Represents a MessageOptions.

Represents a MethodDescriptorProto.

Represents a MethodOptions.

Represents an OneofDescriptorProto.

Represents an OneofOptions.

Represents a ServiceDescriptorProto.

Represents a ServiceOptions.

Represents a SourceCodeInfo.

Represents a Location.

Represents a Timestamp.

Represents an UninterpretedOption.

Represents a NamePart.


A service account is a special type of Google account that belongs to your application or a virtual machine (VM), instead of to an individual end user. Your application assumes the identity of the service account to call Google APIs, so that the users aren't directly involved.

Service account credentials are used to temporarily assume the identity of the service account. Supported credential types include OAuth 2.0 access tokens, OpenID Connect ID tokens, self-signed JSON Web Tokens (JWTs), and more. v1


Properties of a CustomHttpPattern.

Properties of a Http.

Properties of a HttpRule.

Properties of a ResourceDescriptor.

Properties of a ResourceReference.

Properties of a GenerateAccessTokenRequest.

Properties of a GenerateAccessTokenResponse.

Properties of a GenerateIdTokenRequest.

Properties of a GenerateIdTokenResponse.

Properties of a SignBlobRequest.

Properties of a SignBlobResponse.

Properties of a SignJwtRequest.

Properties of a SignJwtResponse.

Properties of an ExtensionRange.

Properties of a ReservedRange.

Properties of an EnumReservedRange.

Properties of an Annotation.

Properties of a DescriptorProto.

Properties of a Duration.

Properties of an EnumDescriptorProto.

Properties of an EnumOptions.

Properties of an EnumValueDescriptorProto.

Properties of an EnumValueOptions.

Properties of an ExtensionRangeOptions.

Properties of a FieldDescriptorProto.

Properties of a FieldOptions.

Properties of a FileDescriptorProto.

Properties of a FileDescriptorSet.

Properties of a FileOptions.

Properties of a GeneratedCodeInfo.

Properties of a MessageOptions.

Properties of a MethodDescriptorProto.

Properties of a MethodOptions.

Properties of an OneofDescriptorProto.

Properties of an OneofOptions.

Properties of a ServiceDescriptorProto.

Properties of a ServiceOptions.

Properties of a SourceCodeInfo.

Properties of a Timestamp.

Properties of an UninterpretedOption.

Properties of a Location.

Properties of a NamePart.


FieldBehavior enum.

History enum.

Style enum.

Label enum.

Type enum.

CType enum.

JSType enum.

OptimizeMode enum.

IdempotencyLevel enum.



_default: {
    v1: typeof v1;
    IAMCredentialsClient: typeof v1.IAMCredentialsClient;


IAMCredentialsClient: typeof v1.IAMCredentialsClient

Type Aliases


declare type IAMCredentialsClient = v1.IAMCredentialsClient;

type GenerateAccessTokenCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.iam.credentials.v1.GenerateAccessTokenResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type GenerateIdTokenCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.iam.credentials.v1.GenerateIdTokenResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type SignBlobCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.iam.credentials.v1.SignBlobResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .

type SignJwtCallback = (error: (Error|null), response?: google.iam.credentials.v1.SignJwtResponse) => void;

Callback as used by .