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Migrate for Compute Engine requirements

This page describes the requirements for migrations with Migrate for Compute Engine.

Requirements for all migrations


The minimum bandwidth between your source environment and Compute Engine nodes should be the larger of:

  • 20 Mbit/sec symmetric.
  • The total number of VMs migrated concurrently, multiplied by 0.5 Mbit/sec per VM.

For example, Migrate for Compute Engine 4.5 recommends a minimum of 50 Mbit/sec for production use of up to 100 VMs running in the cloud.

VM operating system requirements

VMs you want to migrate need to run a Supported operating system version.

Network Connectivity

Ports and connectivity required for using Migrate for Compute Engine are described at Network access requirements

Google Cloud Permissions

Migrate for Compute Engine components require a specific set of Google Cloud Service Accounts and Roles.

On-premises VMware to Compute Engine migrations

VMware Versions

Migrate for Compute Engine supports migrations from VMware vCenter and ESXi.

The latest Migrate for Compute Engine release is compatible with VMware versions:

  • vCenter: 5.5U1, 6.0U1, 6.5, 6.5U1, 6.7
  • ESXi: 5.5U1, 6.0 U1, 6.5, 6.7

VMware Permissions

A VMware administrator needs to:

  • Deploy the Velostrata On-Premises Backend virtual appliance OVA.
  • Create and assign vCenter roles for Migrate for Compute Engine to manage migrations.

Velostrata On-Premises Backend virtual appliance

The Velostrata Backend runs on a VM in your VWware environment. For more information, see Deploying the Migrate for Compute Engine Backend.

AWS to Google Cloud migrations

AWS permissions

Configuring AWS to GCP migrations requires privileges to:

  • Set up a VPN or Interconnect between AWS and Google Cloud.
  • Create an IAM account and assign privileges to it.

Azure to Google Cloud migrations

Azure permissions

Configuring Azure to GCP migrations requires privileges to:

  • Set up a VPN or Interconnect between Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Create the necessary permission in Azure.