Select VPC networks

This page explains the considerations for adding or updating the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks used by your Managed Service for Microsoft Active Directory domain.

When you add or update the VPC networks used by your Managed Microsoft AD domain, you should consider the following factors:

  • You can only add a VPC network from the project in which you create the domain.

  • You can only add up to a total of five VPC networks to your Managed Microsoft AD domain as authorized networks.

  • CIDR range considerations apply across all VPC networks in a Managed Microsoft AD domain. For more information, see Select IP address ranges.

  • Adding authorized networks to your Managed Microsoft AD domain does not provide transitive connectivity. This means that a VM on one of the authorized networks is not automatically able to reach a VM on another authorized network. If you need connectivity between authorized networks, you must manually create VPC peering between them. For more information, see VPC peering.

  • Standard VPC quotas and limits apply to these networks.

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