Google Cloud uses regions, subdivided into zones, to define the geographic location of physical computing resources.

Available locations

The Cloud Life Sciences API is a regionalized service that lets you align with locality needs for your data. When you call the pipelines.run method, you specify one of several available locations where metadata about the pipeline's progress will be stored. The location you specify is only used to store metadata about the pipeline operation.

When you run the API, it allocates VMs on your behalf that you specify in the Resources object. The locations where the VMs are allocated can be any of the Compute Engine regions and zones and are independent from where the pipeline metadata is stored.

The Cloud Life Sciences API regionalized service is available in the following locations:

Regional locations

Region name Region description
North America
us-central1 Iowa, USA
us-west2 Los Angeles, USA
northamerica-northeast1 Montréal, Canada
europe-west2 London, UK
europe-west4 Netherlands
asia-southeast1 Singapore
asia-northeast1 Tokyo, Japan

Multi-regional locations

Multi-region name Multi-region description
us Data centers in the United States