Package (2.19.1)



Partial implementation of FixedSizeCollection.


Partial implementation of AsyncPage.


Partial implementation of


Utility class for Pages.



An AsyncPage extends a Page object with a getNextPageAsync method.


A FixedSizeCollection object wraps multiple API list method responses into a single collection with a fixed number of elements.

Callers can iterate over the FixedSizeCollection object to get all elements in the collection. The number of elements is guaranteed to be equal to the value of the collectionSize parameter passed to expandPage(), unless the API has no more elements to return. The FixedSizeCollection object also provides methods to retrieve additional FixedSizeCollections using the page token.


A Page object wraps an API list method response.

Callers can iterate over the Page object to get all elements returned in the page. The Page object also provides methods to retrieve additional pages using the page token, and to get the API request and response objects.


Response for paged results from a list API method

This class is used to access the results of a paged list API method. The management of page tokens can be handled automatically, or by the caller. Results can be accessed on a per-element or per-page basis.