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Google cloud conformance tests

This Maven project functions as a central location for integration with googleapis/conformance-tests.

In this directory conformance-tests which is a git-submodule, containing the reference for which the various conformance test resources are updated to.

This project contains scripts to help with updating the resources based on the state of the conformance-tests submodule. As well as performing the heavy lifting to ensure all resources are in the correct locations, generate protobuf classes from proto files and represent a released versioned jar of the conformance tests.

Updating conformance-tests


Part of the process of updating the conformance tests involves running a maven build for this project. Ensure that maven 3.6+ is on your PATH.

Performing the update

A bash script is available to perform an update. The script can be ran for any branch, so if you need to update for a branch other than master update the following snippet with your branch name.

To update the conformance tests run the following commands from the repository root:

git checkout master
git pull upstream master
git push

Upon successful run of the bump script, you will be on a new branch matching the pattern bump/yyyy-mm-dd_HHMMSS. Push this new branch up to GitHub and open a pull request.

If an error occurs while trying to perform the update please check the bump.log written to the working directory for details.

If an error occurs while generating the new resources please check the generate.log written to the working directory.

Test Suites


The conformance test suites for Firestore are located in the package.


There are a number of files that together define the format of the tests as well as the tests themselves.

  • src/main/java/com/google/cloud/conformance/firestore/v1/
    • The generated protobuf objects used to read the tests definitions
  • src/main/proto/google/cloud/conformance/firestore/v1/tests.proto
    • The proto definition for the tests. is generated from this definition.
  • src/main/resources/com/google/cloud/conformance/firestore/v1/*.json
    • Each files is a json serialized TestFile definition (defined in tests.proto).


The conformance test suites for BigTable are located in the package.


The conformance test suites for Storage are located in the package