google-cloud-build overview (3.11.0)

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The interfaces provided are listed below, along with usage samples.


Service Description: Creates and manages builds on Google Cloud Platform.

The main concept used by this API is a Build, which describes the location of the source to build, how to build the source, and where to store the built artifacts, if any.

A user can list previously-requested builds or get builds by their ID to determine the status of the build.

Sample for CloudBuildClient:

 // This snippet has been automatically generated and should be regarded as a code template only.
 // It will require modifications to work:
 // - It may require correct/in-range values for request initialization.
 // - It may require specifying regional endpoints when creating the service client as shown in
 try (CloudBuildClient cloudBuildClient = CloudBuildClient.create()) {
   String projectId = "projectId-894832108";
   String id = "id3355";
   Build response = cloudBuildClient.getBuild(projectId, id);