Quotas and limits

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Cloud Healthcare API enforces limits on resource usage for a variety of reasons. For example, quotas protect the community of Google Cloud users by preventing unforeseen spikes in usage. Google Cloud also offers free trial quotas that provide limited access for users that are exploring Google Cloud, including Cloud Healthcare API.

Quotas for Cloud Healthcare API are enforced by project on either a per-region or multi-region basis. Quota exhaustion in a single region will not affect your usage of Cloud Healthcare API in other regions.

Checking your quotas and usage

Quotas are limits on storage (also called ingress limits) and operations.

To check the available quota for resources in your project, go to the Quotas page in Google Cloud console.

If you want to display only Cloud Healthcare API quotas, in the Filter table drop-down list, select Service and then select Cloud Healthcare API.

Not all projects have the same quotas. As your use of Cloud Healthcare API expands over time, your quotas can increase accordingly. If you expect a notable upcoming increase in usage, you can proactively request quota adjustments from the Quotas page in Google Cloud console. There is no charge for requesting an increase in quota. Your costs increase only if you use more resources.

Resource limits

Cloud Healthcare API limits the size of the content of a request, such as the size of an X-ray image in a DICOM request. You cannot request a change to a resource limit; however, in some situations you can use an import operation to import content that is larger than a resource limit.

The following resource limits apply and are subject to change.

Modality Request size limit
  • Store transaction: Unlimited. All other methods 10 MB.
  • Store transaction or retrieve transaction: Timeout occurs if the operation exceeds one hour.
  • Search transaction methods have a maximum offset of 1,000,000 and maximum limit of 5,000 for studies/series and 50,000 for instances.
  • De-identification: De-identification cannot process DICOM files larger than 1 GB if pixel redaction is involved.
  • Ingested DICOM files have a limit of 2 GB per tag. The limit includes PixelData encoded in native format.
  • When transcoding DICOM data, the maximum file size is 1 GB and the maximum frame size is 150 MB.
  • dicomStores.import: Maximum file size is 20 GB.
FHIR executeBundle: 50 MB, all other methods 10 MB
HL7v2 10 MB

If you attempt to process content larger than the associated resource limit, an error occurs.

Using import operations for content that exceeds resource limits

Import operations permit you to process content that is larger than the associated resource limit. The content size in an import operation is limited only by the Google Cloud maximum storage size of 5 TB for individual objects. Import operations are subject to storage quotas that determine how long an import operation takes. You might want to use an import operation, for example, if you want to store many DICOM instances in a DICOM store and don't want to be subject to the request size limit. Rather than uploading the instances using the available Store Transaction methods, you could instead upload the instances into a Cloud Storage bucket and then import them into the DICOM store.

For detailed steps to import DICOM data using an import operation, see Importing and exporting DICOM data.

For detailed steps to import FHIR resources using an import operation, see Importing and exporting FHIR Resources.

For detailed steps to import HL7v2 messages using an import operation, see Importing HL7v2 messages.

Request a change to quota

To request a change to a quota, you must have serviceusage.quotas.update permission. This permission is included by default for the following predefined roles: Owner, Editor, and Quota Administrator.

  1. Go to the Quotas page.

    Go to the Quotas page

  2. In the Quotas page, select the quotas that you want to change. If you want to display only Cloud Healthcare API quotas, select Service from the Filter table drop-down list and then select Cloud Healthcare API.
  3. Check the boxes of the quotas that you want to edit.
  4. Click the Edit Quotas button at the top of the page.
  5. Fill out the form and then click Next.
  6. Enter the limits that you are requesting and then click Next.
  7. Click Submit request.

A request to decrease quota is rejected by default. If you want to reduce your quota, reply to the support email with an explanation of your requirements. A support representative will respond to your request.

You will receive a response from the Cloud Healthcare API team within 24 to 48 hours of your request.

Plan to request additional resources at least a few days in advance to make sure that there is enough time to fulfill your request.