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This document describes the help and support resources available to you when using Cloud Functions.

Beta Tester Group

The Cloud Functions Beta Tester group is a forum for answering developers’ technical questions about Cloud Functions. It is largely community-driven, with answers provided by other users. Google Support, as well as product and engineering teams, may participate in the conversation when an official answer is needed. Please join the group to post a new question and to help out your fellow beta users as they get started with Cloud Functions.

The Beta Tester group is also where you'll hear about the newest Google Cloud Functions features as they’re developed. As always, we welcome general feature requests and suggestions via this group, and will relay them directly to our development team.

Public Issue Tracker

If you believe you have found a legitimate bug, the Public Issue Tracker is the place to report it. Doing so will alert a member of our support and/or development team to the issue. While the primary purpose of this channel is bug reporting, it is also possible to submit feature requests here as well.

Google Cloud Platform Support

For production issues related to your use of Cloud Functions, the Google Cloud Platform Support team is the best resource. If you have purchased a Support package, you may contact the Support team to open a case for your issue. Your Google Cloud Platform Support team contact will work directly with you and the technical staff at Google to resolve your issue.

Stack Overflow

The Stack Overflow community is a great place to ask questions and receive answers from millions of registered members. Simply search and ask questions using the google-cloud-functions tag to get help with technical problems you face during development.

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