Version history

Version 2.5.0, released 2023-03-06

New features

  • Add a way to specify the conversation automatic analysis percentage for the UploadConversation API when creating Analyses in Insights (commit 02f447e)

Version 2.4.0, released 2023-02-08

New features

Documentation improvements

Version 2.3.0, released 2023-01-18

New features

Version 2.2.1, released 2022-12-15

Patch release due to a release failure in 2.2.0. This has the exact same code as 2.2.0 should have had, but rolling forward is simpler than trying to re-release 2.2.0.

Version 2.2.0, released 2022-12-14

New features

  • Add Configurable Analysis, Bulk Upload, Bulk Analyze, Delete Issue Apis (commit 6f38b9f)

Version 2.1.0, released 2022-09-15

Documentation improvements

Version 2.0.0, released 2022-06-08

Documentation improvements

Version 1.3.0, released 2022-04-26

Documentation improvements

Version 1.2.0, released 2022-01-17

New features

Version 1.1.0, released 2021-12-07

  • Commit c917530: feat: Add WriteDisposition to BigQuery Export API
  • Commit 2e7bb0f: feat: remove feature flag disable_issue_modeling
  • Commit 053ecfd:
    • feat: new feature flag disable_issue_modeling
    • docs: fixed formatting issues in the reference documentation

Version 1.0.0, released 2021-11-10

First GA release.

  • Commit 6cf6933:
    • feat: Add ability to update phrase matchers
    • feat: Add issue model stats to time series
    • feat: Add display name to issue model stats
  • Commit f7c2450:
    • feat: deprecate issue_matches
    • docs: if conversation medium is unspecified, it will default to PHONE_CALL

Version 1.0.0-beta03, released 2021-09-29

  • Commit ddab19e:
    • feat: add metadata from dialogflow related to transcript segment
    • feat: add sentiment data for transcript segment
    • feat: add obfuscated if from dialogflow

Version 1.0.0-beta02, released 2021-09-23

  • Commit 37fa769:
    • feat: filter is used to filter conversations used for issue model training
    • feat: update_time is used to indicate when the phrase matcher was updated
  • Commit bb4e4ba: feat: display_name is the display name for the assigned issue
  • Commit ac367e2: feat: Regenerate all APIs to support self-signed JWTs
  • Commit bd5d389:
    • feat: add new issue model API methods
    • feat: support Dialogflow and user-specified participant IDs
    • docs: update pubsub_notification_settings docs

Version 1.0.0-beta01, released 2021-08-10

Initial release.