The Google.Cloud.Spanner.V1 package provides low-level access to the Google Cloud Spanner API. This is not recommended for most scenarios. Where possible, use the Spanner ADO.NET provider instead. (That in turn depends on this package, but provides a much more user-friendly API, and takes care of a lot of resource management automatically.)


Install the Google.Cloud.Spanner.V1 package from NuGet. Add it to your project in the normal way (for example by right-clicking on the project in Visual Studio and choosing "Manage NuGet Packages..."). Please ensure you enable pre-release packages (for example, in the Visual Studio NuGet user interface, check the "Include prerelease" box). Some of the following samples might only work with the latest pre-release version (5.0.0-beta03) of Google.Cloud.Spanner.V1.


When running on Google Cloud, no action needs to be taken to authenticate.

Otherwise, the simplest way of authenticating your API calls is to set up Application Default Credentials. The credentials will automatically be used to authenticate. See Set up Application Default Credentials for more details.