Method: processors.process

Full name: projects.locations.processors.process

Processes a single document.

HTTP request

POST https://{endpoint}/v1beta3/{name}:process

Where {endpoint} is one of the supported service endpoints.

Path parameters



Required. The resource name of the Processor or ProcessorVersion to use for processing. If a Processor is specified, the server will use its default version. Format: projects/{project}/locations/{location}/processors/{processor}, or projects/{project}/locations/{location}/processors/{processor}/processorVersions/{processorVersion} It takes the form projects/{project}/locations/{location}/processors/{processor}.

Authorization requires one or more of the following IAM permissions on the specified resource name:

  • documentai.processors.processOnline
  • documentai.processorVersions.processOnline

Request body

The request body contains data with the following structure:

JSON representation
  "document": {
    object (Document)
  "skipHumanReview": boolean,
  "fieldMask": string,

  // Union field source can be only one of the following:
  "inlineDocument": {
    object (Document)
  "rawDocument": {
    object (RawDocument)
  // End of list of possible types for union field source.

object (Document)

The document payload, the [content] and [mimeType] fields must be set.



Whether Human Review feature should be skipped for this request. Default to false.


string (FieldMask format)

Specifies which fields to include in ProcessResponse's document.

This is a comma-separated list of fully qualified names of fields. Example: "user.displayName,photo".

Union field source. The document payload. source can be only one of the following:

object (Document)

An inline document proto.


object (RawDocument)

A raw document content (bytes).

Response body

If successful, the response body contains an instance of ProcessResponse.

Authorization Scopes

Requires the following OAuth scope:


For more information, see the Authentication Overview.

IAM Permissions

Requires one of the following IAM permissions on the name resource, depending on the resource type:

  • documentai.processors.processOnline
  • documentai.processorVersions.processOnline

For more information, see the IAM documentation.