Method: processors.batchProcess

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Full name: projects.locations.processors.batchProcess

LRO endpoint to batch process many documents. The output is written to Cloud Storage as JSON in the [Document] format.

HTTP request

POST https://{endpoint}/v1/{name}:batchProcess

Where {endpoint} is one of the supported service endpoints.

Path parameters



Required. The resource name of Processor or ProcessorVersion. Format: projects/{project}/locations/{location}/processors/{processor}, or projects/{project}/locations/{location}/processors/{processor}/processorVersions/{processorVersion} It takes the form projects/{project}/locations/{location}/processors/{processor}.

Authorization requires one or more of the following IAM permissions on the specified resource name:

  • documentai.processors.processBatch
  • documentai.processorVersions.processBatch

Request body

The request body contains data with the following structure:

JSON representation
  "inputDocuments": {
    object (BatchDocumentsInputConfig)
  "documentOutputConfig": {
    object (DocumentOutputConfig)
  "skipHumanReview": boolean

object (BatchDocumentsInputConfig)

The input documents for batch process.


object (DocumentOutputConfig)

The overall output config for batch process.



Whether Human Review feature should be skipped for this request. Default to false.

Response body

If successful, the response body contains an instance of Operation.

Authorization Scopes

Requires the following OAuth scope:


For more information, see the Authentication Overview.

IAM Permissions

Requires one of the following IAM permissions on the name resource, depending on the resource type:

  • documentai.processors.processBatch
  • documentai.processorVersions.processBatch

For more information, see the IAM documentation.