IAM permissions for Document AI

The following tables list the Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions that are associated with Document AI. IAM permissions are grouped into roles, and you assign roles to users and groups.

Location permissions

Location permission name Description
documentai.locations.get Get locations
documentai.locations.list List locations

Operation permissions

Operation permission name Description
documentai.operations.getLegacy Get long-running operations for legacy operations (v1alpha1, v1beta2)

Processor type permissions

Processor type permission name Description
documentai.processorTypes.get Get processor types
documentai.processorTypes.list List processor types

Processor permissions

Processor permission name Description
documentai.processors.create Create processors
documentai.processors.delete Delete processors
documentai.processors.get Get processors
documentai.processors.list List processors
documentai.processors.processBatch Process documents using processors in batch mode
documentai.processors.processOnline Process documents using processors in online mode
documentai.processors.update Update processors

Processor version permissions

Processor version permission name Description
documentai.processorVersions.create Create processor versions
documentai.processorVersions.delete Delete processor versions
documentai.processorVersions.get Get processor versions
documentai.processorVersions.list List processor versions
documentai.processorVersions.processBatch Process processor versions in batch mode
documentai.processorVersions.processOnline Process processor versions in online mode
documentai.processorVersions.update Update processor versions

Evaluations permissions

Processor version permission name Description
documentai.evaluations.create Create evaluations
documentai.evaluations.get Get evaluations
documentai.evaluations.list List evaluations

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