Quotas and Limits

This document contains current API restrictions and usage limits on use of Dialogflow. This page will be updated to reflect any changes to these restrictions and usage limits. We reserve the right to change these limits.

Quotas differ based on the edition of your Dialogflow agent and whether requests are made by a Google Assistant app. To find out more about the different Dialogflow editions, see Dialogflow Editions. Quotas for both editions are described in the following table:

Feature Dialogflow Standard Edition Dialogflow Enterprise Edition
Text requests per minute 180 600
Audio requests per minute* 100** 300
Audio requests per day* 1,000** 100,000
Audio requests per month 15,000** unlimited
Maximum audio length per request 60 seconds 60 seconds
All other requests per minute (for example, editing Intents) 60 60

* Each StreamingDetectIntent stream is considered a single request even though the stream might include multiple frames of StreamingDetectIntentRequest audio within the stream.

** Voice interaction quotas do not apply to Google Assistant apps using Actions on Google.

These quotas apply to each Dialogflow developer project and are shared across all applications and IP addresses using a given developer project. To request a higher quota, click an edit button for a quota on the Quotas tab of the Google Cloud Platform Dashboard, and then click Apply for a higher quota in the quota edit form to submit a Dialogflow Quota Increase Request.

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