Dialogflow Editions

You can choose one of two Dialogflow editions:

  • Dialogflow Standard Edition is available for free at dialogflow.com. It provides most of the same features as Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, but interactions are limited by usage quotas, and support is provided by the community and e-mail. It is ideal for small to medium businesses that want to build conversational interfaces or those who want to experiment with Dialogflow.

  • Dialogflow Enterprise Edition is available as part of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and provides higher usage quotas and support from Google Cloud support. Dialogflow Enterprise Edition is a premium offering, available as a pay-as-you-go service. It is ideal for businesses that need an enterprise-grade service that can easily scale to support changes in user demand.

    Available in two pricing plans:

    • Essentials: This plan contains all features offered by Dialogflow Standard Edition, plus enterprise-ready quotas for speech recognition, speech synthesis, and telephony gateway.

    • Plus: This plan contains all features offered by Essentials, plus enterprise-ready quotas for knowledge connectors. Each request from an Enterprise Plus agent performs the regular intent recognition and entity extraction, as well as a knowledge connector search.

The following table provides a summary comparison for editions and pricing plans. For details, see Pricing and Quotas and Limits.

Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Essentials Plus
Knowledge Connectors (Beta) Limited
Limited Unlimited*
Text or Google Assistant Unlimited*
$0.002 per request
$0.004 per request
Includes speech recognition and synthesis (Beta)
$0.0065 per 15 seconds of audio
$0.0085 per 15 seconds of audio
Phone call (Beta)
Includes phone connectivity, speech recognition, natural language understanding, speech synthesis
$0.05 per minute of phone call processed
$0.065 per minute of phone call processed
Toll-free phone call (Beta) n/a $0.06 per minute of phone call processed $0.075 per minute of phone call processed
Service Level Agreement None SLA
Support Community support and via email Eligible for Cloud Support packages with committed response times for supporting production applications
Terms of Service Dialogflow ToS Google Cloud Platform ToS

* Features labelled as "Unlimited" have default enterprise-ready quotas and limits. Dialogflow Enterprise Edition users may request quota increases from the GCP Console. Quota increases for usage in the context of Actions on Google (Google Assistant) will be provided free of charge upon request for high quality actions.

Creating agents of a specific edition

Each GCP project can only create one Agent. If you need multiple agents, you will need to create multiple projects. You can change an agent's edition and pricing plan after creation.

You can add, edit, or remove intents and entities to your agent using console.dialogflow.com, or with the Dialogflow V2 API. This applies to Standard or Enterprise edition Dialogflow agents.

For more information about the dialogflow.com console, see the dialogflow.com documentation. For an example of using an agent with the Dialogflow V2 API see Quickstart.

Changing an agent edition and pricing plan

  1. Go to the Dialogflow console
  2. Select an agent
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the left panel, where the agent pricing plan is shown
  4. Click the Edit link
  5. Select a plan

Dialogflow Pricing Plan

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