Alle Data Catalog-Codebeispiele

This page contains code samples for Data Catalog. To search and filter code samples for other Google Cloud products, see the Google Cloud sample browser.

Create custom entry

Create a custom entry within an entry group.

Create entry

Create an entry.

Create entry group

Create an entry group.

Create fileset

Create a fileset within an entry group.

Create policy tag

Create a new policy tag.

Create tag template

Create a tag template.

Create taxonomy

Create a new taxonomy.

Delete entry

Delete an entry.

Delete entry group

Delete an entry group.

Delete policy tag

Delete an existing policy tag.

Delete tag template

Delete a tag template.

Delete taxonomy

Delete an existing taxonomy.

Get entry

Retrieve an existing entry.

Get entry group

Retrieve an existing entry group.

Get IAM policy

Retrieve IAM policy.

Get policy tag

Retrieve existing policy tag.

Get tag template

Retrieve an existing tag template.

Get taxonomy

Retrieve existing taxonomy.

Grant tagTemplateUser role

Grant the tagTemplateUser role to a member of the project.

List entries

List existing entries.

List entry groups

List existing entry groups.

List policy tags

List existing policy tags.

List taxonomies

List existing taxonomies.

Quickstart: Attach tag to BigQuery table

Create a tag template and attach a tag to a BigQuery table.

Search data assets

Perform a search of data assets, such as datasets, tables, views, and Cloud Pub/Sub topics in Google Cloud Platform projects.

Set IAM policy

Set an IAM policy.

Test IAM permissions

Test IAM permissions.

Update entry

Update an entry.

Update entry group

Update an entry group.

Update tag template

Update a tag template.