This page contains current API pricing for the use of CCAI Insights. This page will be updated to reflect any changes to these prices. We reserve the right to change these prices.

Building a Topic Model requires some amount of training data to be labeled. Building the model itself does not incur a charge, but labeling the data that the model is trained on incurs normal labeling charges.

CCAI Insights is priced according to the number of conversations processed by the API. A conversation is text between multiple participants. A conversation turn is when the conversation switches between participants. For pricing purposes, a single conversation is defined as having a maximum of 120 turns, with each turn having a maximum of 1000 characters. More than 1000 characters in a single turn will cause that turn to count for multiple turns. More than 120 turns in a conversation will cause the conversation to be billed as more than one conversation. For example, if a conversation has 241 turns, it will be billed as 3 conversations.

Feature Cost
CCAI Insights Analysis (Sentiment, Entities, Highlighters) $5 per 100 Conversations
Topic Model labeling $10 per 100 Conversations