Creating a service

Get started creating a new Cloud Run service using one of Cloud Code's starter templates.

Creating a service from existing templates

To create a new service using an existing sample:

  1. In your IDE, open File > New Project and select Cloud Code: Cloud Run.
  2. Select a 'Hello World' template from the list of starter applications. Creating a service from a list of existing sample apps
  3. Pick a name for your project.

    Once you click Finish, Cloud Code will clone your chosen template, open your newly created project for use, and create necessary Cloud Run run configurations.

    • For Java templates, you'll be prompted to import Maven projects to sync your pom.xml. Click 'Add as Maven project'.

      Non-managed pom.xml notification

      Additionally, import necessary Maven projects by clicking 'Import Changes'.

      Import Maven changes notification

Getting support

To send feedback, report an issue on GitHub or ask a question on Stack Overflow.