Browse files in Cloud Storage in Cloud Code for IntelliJ

This document describes how to browse content on Cloud Storage from IntelliJ IDEA.

Before you begin

Viewing Cloud Storage buckets and their contents

To open a bucket and view its contents:

  1. Select Tools > Cloud Code > Cloud Storage browser.

  2. In the Cloud Storage pane, search for and then select your project.

  3. In the list of buckets in your project, double-click a bucket to see its contents.

  4. If your bucket contains folders, to display a folder's contents, double-click the folder.

  5. To copy the name of a bucket or a file in a bucket, right-click the bucket or file and then click Copy bucket name to clipboard or Copy file name to clipboard.

Getting support

To submit feedback or report an issue in your IntelliJ IDE, go to Tools > Cloud Code > Help / About > Submit feedback or report an issue to report an issue on GitHub, or ask a question on Stack Overflow.

You can also join the #cloud-code channel, which is part of the Google Cloud Slack community.