View logs in Cloud Code for IntelliJ

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This page describes how to view the streaming logs of your application and to check the status of resources.

Viewing streaming logs

After your application builds and runs in either regular or development mode, you'll be able to monitor logs streaming from your application from within your IDE.

Viewing streamed logs from the Hello World Java application

You can also view logs from a specific resource (a pod, a deployment, etc.) by navigating to the Kubernetes Explorer.

To view logs from a specific resource, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Kubernetes Explorer. It can be accessed either from the side panel on the right or using Tools > Cloud Code > Kubernetes > View Cluster Explorer.

    Kubernetes Explorer panel open using the tab on the right side taskbar

  2. Select the resource you'd like to see logs from, such as a pod, a deployment, or a service.

  3. Right-click the resource and select Stream Logs. Alternatively, you can stream logs for individual containers running in pods.

    This outputs logs to the Kubernetes Explorer Console.

    Streaming logs from a pod using its right-click menu to output logs into the Kubernetes Explorer Console

Checking the status of resources

From the Kubernetes Explorer, you can check the status of your deployment in the following ways:

  • Pod, deployment and node statuses: These Kubernetes resources have colored status marks next to their labels; red for failed state, yellow for starting/terminating/warning, and green for healthy, desired state.

    Pod status is healthy as observed by the green check mark next to the pod label

  • Deployed resource descriptions: You can run a kubectl describe on your deployed resources to display its details by right-clicking and choosing Describe.

    Describe option available when right-clicking an appropriate resource within the Kubernetes Explorer panel and choosing Describe

Getting support

To submit feedback or report an issue in your IntelliJ IDE, go to Tools > Cloud Code > Help / About > Submit feedback or report an issue to report an issue on GitHub, or ask a question on Stack Overflow.

You can also join the #cloud-code channel, which is part of the Google Cloud Slack community.