View continuous validation logs

This guide shows you how to view Cloud Logging entries that are generated by continuous validation (CV). To instead view legacy continuous validation entries, see View legacy CV logs.

CV logs check-related issues in podEvent entries. CV logs configuration-related issues in configErrorEvent entries—for example, if a platform policy or IAM roles are misconfigured.

View logs for CV entries

CV logs platform policy violations to Cloud Logging within 24 hours. You can usually see entries within a couple of hours.

If no images violate the platform policies that you have enabled, no entries appear in the logs.

To view CV log entries for the last seven days, run the following command:

gcloud logging read \
     --order="desc" \
     --freshness=7d \
     --project=CLUSTER_PROJECT_ID \
    'logName:"" "policyName"'

Replace CLUSTER_PROJECT_ID with the cluster project ID.

Check types

CV logs check violation information to checkResults. In the entry, the value checkType indicates the check. The values for each check are as follows:

  • ImageFreshnessCheck
  • SigstoreSignatureCheck
  • SimpleSigningAttestationCheck
  • SlsaCheck
  • TrustedDirectoryCheck
  • VulnerabilityCheck

Example log

The following example CV Logging entry describes a non-conformant image that violates a trusted directory check:

  "insertId": "637c2de7-0000-2b64-b671-24058876bb74",
  "jsonPayload": {
    "podEvent": {
      "endTime": "2022-11-22T01:14:30.430151Z",
      "policyName": "projects/123456789/platforms/gke/policies/my-policy",
      "images": [
          "result": "DENY",
          "checkResults": [
              "explanation": "TrustedDirectoryCheck at index 0 with display name \"My trusted directory check\" has verdict NOT_CONFORMANT. Image is not in a trusted directory",
              "checkSetName": "My check set",
              "checkSetIndex": "0",
              "checkName": "My trusted directory check",
              "verdict": "NON_CONFORMANT",
              "checkType": "TrustedDirectoryCheck",
              "checkIndex": "0"
          "image": ""
      "verdict": "VIOLATES_POLICY",
      "podNamespace": "default",
      "deployTime": "2022-11-22T01:06:53Z",
      "pod": "hello-app"
    "@type": ""
  "resource": {
    "type": "k8s_cluster",
    "labels": {
      "project_id": "my-project",
      "location": "us-central1-a",
      "cluster_name": "my-test-cluster"
  "timestamp": "2022-11-22T01:44:28.729881832Z",
  "severity": "WARNING",
  "logName": "projects/my-project/logs/",
  "receiveTimestamp": "2022-11-22T03:35:47.171905337Z"

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