Response Objects

The fetch() function returns an object containing the details of the response returned by the URL's server. This object has several attributes:

The body content of the response.
True if the allow_truncated parameter to fetch() was True and the response exceeded the maximum response size. In this case, the content attribute contains the truncated response.
The HTTP status code.
The HTTP response headers, as a mapping of names to values. If there are multiple headers with the same name, their values will be joined into a single comma-separated string. If the values already contained commas (for example, Set-Cookie headers), you may want to use header_msg.getheaders(header_name) to retrieve a list of values instead.
An instance of httplib.HTTPMessage containing the response headers. If there may be multiple headers with the same name (for example, Set-Cookie headers), call header_msg.getheaders(header_name) to retrieve the values as a list.
The actual URL whose request returned this response. Only present if the fetch followed HTTP redirects. Not present if the retrieved URL matches the requested URL.